From the recording The Handsome Years

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The Prince of the City admires my guitar
but he says if I play that song again he’s gonna break my arms
out on Love Street all is bliss until you open up your eyes
legislation flows like mother’s milk under the cool electric sky

Well there’s a rumor on the street
and there’s a movement in the square
and the senator’s wife doesn’t like the way I wear my hair

The senator’s house is built with Lincoln Logs
his babies all have values, his babies all have jobs
golden babies by pool baking in the tax-free sun
yeah they’re living life as if this life was something daddy won
well they’re so foreign on the street
that the moonlight hurts their eyes
tanning oil is a joke under the cool electric sky

The Prince of the City is passing laws against the young
ever since the princess left he’s been sleeping with his gun
he’s sing every Sunday in the law and order choir
he’ll visit every house on Love Street and set ‘em all on fire
he’d hitch a ride with Jesus Christ
then let the air out of his tires
set him loose and hunt him down under the cool electric sky

No likes the way the protest singer wears his hair
suburban wives are losing sleep
the protest singer doesn’t care
what is he saying to our pure?
what is he saying to our young?
what will this golden nation look like
when this this protest singer’s done?
well there’s a rumor in the street
read the paint before it dries
‘cause they’re shooting protest singers
beneath the cool electric sky