From the recording Queen of the Western Hemisphere

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A million year promise
can burn out in seven
time isn’t static
it’s not on our side
rolling around with
a girl from wherever
with nothing to hide or to say
but words never get in the way

Working for money
that’s already spent
she buys the food
and I pay the rent
our neighborhood
is a scar on this city
the landlord drinks vodka all day
and words never get in his way

Roll down a hallway
of dreams, plans and blessings
hope’s a blind voyeur
the future’s undressing
10,000 birds take flight from the roof
watching the sun fade away
and words never get in the way

God’s on our side
but his angels all hate us
when he’s asleep
they all roll into town
flex their tattoos
as they show off their status
ignore us when we kneel to pray
but words never get in our way