1. Cuyamaca Sky

From the recording Cuyamaca Sky

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For Peter and Sally


As the sun sets in the Cuyamaca sky
we know we all will be alright
Oriole’s sing in the fading light
looking down the road that led to here...

Afternoons in Elgin, Illinois
in the branch in a cherry tree
I fell asleep reading Catcher in the Rye
woke up to a brand new me

I left the states
and headed down to Ecuador
Brethren bells
above the Quito mission door

A Vespa rolled across the countryside in France
from Paris all the way to Cannes
Etienne and Matilda treated me just like a son
Pablo Picasso lived next door

In an English pub in 1963
I heard the news about John Kennedy

I made it back to the states
A chance encounter sealed my fate
sitting in an Indio cafe
I knew she was the one
brighter than the Arizona sun
she’ll always be my friend
I’ve loved her everyday since then

Now everyday seems to fold into one
these moments add up to a life
holding hands with Sally on the porch
looking at the Cuyamaca sky